Things learned from the Sentence Challenge

For forty days I wrote one sentence a day and posted it here. The only rules were to craft and edit a sentence until I liked it. It was simple, enjoyable and I learned some things:

  • When the writer is the only judge her creativity soars;
  • Procrastination guilt is greater when all that is required is one sentence;
  • Trimming the excess reveals many weaknesses in one’s writing;
  • A sentence can be written countless ways;
  • The writer is her own worst critic;
  • Word choice matters;
  • Adjectives are clunky;
  • ┬áStart simple. Don’t complicate first then edit to simplify. If you start simple you will notice your adjectives more (and will be more discerning in every way);
  • Commas are a crutch. When in doubt, leave it out;
  • One sentence can tell a story;
  • Good ideas start with a sentence;
  • Writing is more thrilling when the goal is to keep it short and simple;
  • A writer can improve her craft one sentence at a time.