Day 266 – First chapter, new adventure

Day two hundred sixty-six of my 365 Day Writing Project.

So far, writing the new book has been a delicious experience. I can’t get enough. When that is the case, writing every day comes as naturally as brushing my teeth. But oh, so much better. I am letting my creativity flow without limitation, without hesitation. It’s so freeing and lovely, it makes me smile to think about it. I’m getting close to finishing the first chapter and I’m as happy as a bee in clover.

It’s a new adventure, for sure. And it is quite different from the other book about which I have blogged. This is a story of human experience. It isn’t a thriller and it isn’t related to the law. It is about the female. She. Her. Woman. Girl. And where she fits into the world. And what the world does to her. The biggest difference from a writer’s perspective is that I am writing this story in the first person. It’s more creatively and emotionally driven than I expected. I like it.

It is good to be in a more positive, creative mode again. I aim to keep it going as long as I can. I am a happier person when I can write freely. That is my sole purpose in writing this book. Nothing else; I just want to write it.

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