Day 237 – Am I in revising hell?

Day two hundred thirty-seven of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Am I in revising hell? Some days it feels like I am because in all honesty, I’d rather be writing. Writing is an exercise that allows one to stretch her legs and push herself to her limits, pulse a-ticking and mind a-blaze. Revising is…well, to me revising feels like the equivalent of the timer watching the clock on the sidelines, starting and stopping play.

It’s no wonder, then, that I have not been inclined to blog as often while in this revision phase. Motivation has been waning and I have not been spending as much daily time on my book like I was when I was writing. Is there something I can do to make this revision phase better? Does anyone have tips on how to make it more enjoyable than it actually is?

5 thoughts on “Day 237 – Am I in revising hell?

  1. It does suck… : (

    And I really don’t have any tips. I just try to think that it’s one of those things that most writers hate (and almost won’t do). So, as I work on editing, I’m thinking, “This is weeding out the weak. Doing well on this is what could help me truly successful, because it’s certainly not fun.”

    Does that help any? In maybe some kind of a demented way? : )


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