Day 169 – Ignore that reluctant inner voice and just write

Day one hundred sixty-nine of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 1,500

I got a late start tonight. I will admit I was reluctant to try to get into writing that late. But I did. And the words flew onto the page. This was yet another example of how pushing through those moments of “I can’t” or “I don’t feel like it” or “I’ll put it off until tomorrow” really pays off. Just write. It is that simple. And look at what happened. I jammed out 1,500 words and the story took an awesome turn I wasn’t planning on. Tonight was definitely one of those times when writing fiction was thrilling, fulfilling and just plain fun. Like I used to do before I started this project, if I had listened to my reluctant inner voice and bailed on writing tonight, I would have really missed out.

As for the turn in the story, **SPOILER ALERT.** Do you remember that character I introduced in a post for Day 137, an older gentleman named Lyndon? I mentioned him again in the post for Day 153 when I talked about him parting ways with the main character. Well, he’s back. In a surprising turn, he and the main character are together again. And it’s great. I couldn’t be more thrilled about his return and I think it improves the story line. I’m excited to write more about Lyndon and Skylar’s current adventure tomorrow.

And when that reluctant inner voice returns some day, I will immediately ignore it. It will never cheat me out of a great writing session ever again.

5 thoughts on “Day 169 – Ignore that reluctant inner voice and just write

  1. I just wanted to say that your 365 Day Writing Project was a bit of an inspiration for my own #5000WordsaWeek challenge – I tweet a brief summary my daily word output rather than a more detailed blog like yourself – but your regular discipline and your commentary on how you went (feelings, problems, epiphanies etc) is interesting and motivational.

    Cheers & keep it up.

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    • Thanks for tuning in and letting me know you are enjoying it! I just found you on Twitter so i can follow your #5000WordsaWeek. That sounds awesome! I have found that having a WordPress and Twitter audience, no matter how small (although growing every day) has been just the kind of accountability I need to stay committed to my 365 Day Writing Project. Have you been experiencing that with yours?

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      • I think I agree – the audience really brings a sense of accountability. Although I’m not quite 2 weeks into the challenge, so I’d say its still yet to be seen how strong my commitment is, but I *have* noticed that making a ‘declaration of intent to write’ is good for making me switch off the social media and actually sit down and write!

        I also like the feeling of tweeting the Total Word Count 1000+ – gives a real sense of achievement 🙂

        And funnily enough I’ve found a few people who follow this sort of thing on twitter – I assume they are other writers, all working on their own #amwriting activities.

        My own 5000 words a week includes all creative writing (not my day job though!) – blog, novel idea, short stories… I like variety.

        See you on Twitter/Wordpress & keep writing!

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