Day 168 – Write another day tomorrow

Day one hundred sixty-eight of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words for days 167 and 168: 600

My weekend was go go go until dinner time tonight, so I didn’t write much yesterday and today. I wish I could¬†write more tonight but I need to get some rest. I might fall asleep standing up if I don’t. And let’s face it, I’m not exactly writing stellar material when I’m this tired.

It’s a fine skill to have to know when to quit. It can be a real balancing act because commitment and ambition to succeed do not go hand-in-hand with quitting. But then again, if you’re just quitting until tomorrow, it isn’t so much the application of skill as it is good sense. It’s okay to quit earlier than normal. All that matters is that you pick it up again and write another day tomorrow.