Day 156 – Using humor in suspense/thriller fiction

Day one hundred fifty-six of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 1,100

I started Chapter 18 tonight, and although there have been some lighter moments scattered here and there in the previous seventeen chapters, for the most part the story is serious. It is, after all, turning out to be a suspense/thriller novel (I’m not even sure how to classify it yet). Despite this, tonight I ended up writing a couple of lighter moments with some humor mixed in.

A few questions come to mind as a result: 1) Is it appropriate to include some humor in consideration of the serious tone of the rest of the book? 2) Will the reader get stuck on this change and think it odd? 3) If it is okay to use some humor in this type of book, how is it best received? In small doses? In obvious ways, or more subtle ones? 4) What are the risks involved in attempting to transition between these two very different tones, and how does one reduce or prevent those risks?

The answers to these questions may be more obvious to me when I read the first draft. But of course, any input from you seasoned writers is always appreciated.

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