Day 154 – 7 benefits of writing while standing

Day one hundred fifty-four of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 1,000

Writing late at night is tough. Staying awake is probably the biggest challenge, but the best way to attack the sleepy spells is to stand up to them. Literally. I have written standing up the past two nights and I have decided: it’s my new thing.

Last night I kept nodding off while writing, fingers on the keyboard, head bobbing. I got up off the couch, set my laptop on the kitchen island and proceeded to write the rest of my session standing. It was great. Now that I have done this two nights in a row, I have figured out some instant benefits from writing while standing:

  1. It kills the sleepy spells. It’s hard to fall asleep standing up. It’s also funny how much more writing one gets done when one is awake. And alert.
  2. It is hard not to be alert standing on one’s feet. Different ideas – good ideas, come quicker. The creative juices flow more easily while writing standing up. Why? Maybe it has something to do with unblocking chakras. Beats me.
  3. It is more comfortable to type. I lose feeling in my fingers, hands and wrists when I’m typing at my laptop for extended periods of time. Sitting with my laptop in my…well, lap, really exacerbates this. Typing from a standing position alleviates this problem considerably by creating a better positional relationship between the writer and the keyboard.
  4. It promotes faster writing. Again possibly something to do with chakras, but I write more in less time therefore getting to bed at an earlier hour. Now this cycle is one I can get behind.
  5. It is better for one’s posture. When writing from a sitting position it is easy to slouch something terrible over a laptop. Standing up? Slouching is much harder to do. I found myself actually holding in my core while I was standing at my laptop. Hmmm…exercise while writing…
  6. It’s less distracting. Writing while standing in the kitchen took me away from common distractions such as the TV, my cozy, snoozing dog on the couch, the mesmerizing flicker of the fireplace. What is going to distract me in here? The toaster?
  7. Location, location, location. A change in scenery or location for writing can do wonders. Just moving into a different room and standing instead of sitting incited me to do some good writing the past two days. If floundering, change it up.

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