Day 152 – Slowing down to make room for writing

Day one hundred fifty-two of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words for Days 149, 150, 151 and 152: 2,200

It was a nice break from reality the past few days. Not having to get up and get kids off to school and daycare, go to work, and meet all of the usual daily obligations has been a much-needed respite. It has been busy in other ways, but much less intense. It is nice to be able to say that about the holidays. I know for some it can be even more intense than ‘normal.’

I’m happy with the amount of writing I did over the past few days of holiday celebration. Sure, it isn’t really all that much, but I had planned on much less. It was nice to surpass my own expectations. Slowing things down made all the difference. I wasn’t on my normal schedule. I wasn’t stressed about the next day. I just was. This removed the sense of urgency and “I have to get this done” that is usually hanging over my head when I sit down to write. I had more room, so-to-speak, to be a writer. The result was a feeling of pleasant contentment for me, and more colorful writing for my manuscript. I have more days off next week so I hope to maintain this slower pace. What is better for me is better for my writing.