Day 148 – Unexpected interludes keep the story interesting

Day one hundred forty-eight of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 1,100

When writing fiction, it’s easy to veer off from the planned story line. This can be good or bad. I’m never sure about it while I’m writing it. I suppose whether it works or not will be clear to me when I hit the editing and re-writing stage. But what is clear to me now is that sometimes an unexpected interlude – unplanned even by the writer – is just what is needed to keep the story interesting.

As a new writer – someone who is having her first experience writing a novel from start to finish – I’m always pleasantly surprised at how fulfilling the creative process can be. A meaningful writing session never fails to leave me with a light heart and mind. Going to bed in that state is invaluable. I rest easy after I write. I wake up refreshed and full of new ideas. And it is no surprise after that kind of experience that I look forward to sitting down to write again each day.