Day 143 – The moment is over; it’s time for reflection

Day one hundred forty-three of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 500

After such a good time writing last night, tonight lacked the same luster. I don’t know why, but I’m always surprised at how much the content of the story affects my writing process. Yesterday I was writing a scene of supreme significance in the story and my fingers flew along the keyboard. Lovers were reunited in the midst of difficult conditions. It was both exciting and touching, and equally enjoyable to write. Today, the moment is over and the characters are in a sort of recovery/waiting period before venturing out for the next scene. Reflection and rest. It’s just not exciting to write, although I would not go as far to say that it isn’t enjoyable.

There must be parts in the story when the action slows down and there is time for introspection. Those moments allow the build-up to the more intense moments to be more fulfilling and thrilling. There is always the promise that it will get exciting again, but for now the lull in the action is slowing down my writing process. And that’s okay, as long as I’m still writing and the story is still moving. Check, and check.

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