Day 140 – The itch to write something new

Day one hundred forty of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words for Days 138, 139 and 140 – 1,000

This weekend was not a big writing weekend for me. In fact, I barely knocked out 1,000 words between Friday and tonight. I actually wanted to take off the weekend from writing altogether, but I thought better of it and decided to keep true to my goal of writing every day. Even if I only managed to write a couple hundred words, it would still be better than nothing.

Since I started this project 140 days ago, I have been writing a book. I’m nearing completion, which I believe is now only a couple of chapters away. You’d think since I’m getting close to finishing I would want to focus on writing the end and getting it done. You’d think that. But no, I like to keep things interesting.

For the first time in the last 140 days, I had an itch to write something else. Nothing in particular – maybe a short story or other fun piece writing – as long as it was something other than my current book. As it turned out, I didn’t do it. I decided to keep my focus rather than start something new. But don’t worry, I’m going to scratch that itch another time.