Day 135 – Mountains, coyotes and bears, oh my!

Day one hundred thirty-five of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 500

My writing moved slowly tonight. Partly because I am tired and had trouble keeping my eyes open. That’s nothing new. But it was also due in part to the scene I was writing. I had to stop a few times to do some quick research about winter mountain effects, coyotes and bears. While that might sound like fun (or not), the stopping and starting impacted my flow of writing. It was a disjointed effort to say the least, but in the end it all turned out worthwhile.

The scene evolved into some exciting action, which is always fun to write. This was especially true because I wrote a pack of coyotes into the characters’ experience on a mountain at night. I think it turned out rather cool. Had I not had to stop and start so many times, I think I would have gotten into a groove and written a lot more. While I may not have written a lot, I did get a lot done. And even though the scene isn’t finished, the research for it is. I look forward to diving back into it tomorrow for some more action, this time with a black bear.