Day 107 – A change in locale was all it took

Day one hundred seven of my 365 Day Writing Project

Words: 550

What do you do when forty minutes have passed and you realize you have only written 100 words? Get up and move to a different spot. That is all it took for me to jam out another 450 words in less than half that amount of time. I left my usual place in the living room, carried my laptop into the bathroom and sat on the floor. So here I am, on the bathroom floor leaning up against the bathtub, writing. Hey, whatever works! I would have kept writing except that it is very late and I need to get some sleep before tomorrow shows up. Plus, my ass hurts. I’m stopping at 550 for today and although it isn’t stellar, it isn’t 100 and I’m thrilled about that.

Yesterday I shared on this blog that I tried ending mid-sentence so I could start mid-sentence today. The idea behind this (which comes from some writing advice from other writers) is that you can hit the ground running when you pick up in the middle of a sentence. I didn’t find it particularly useful since I could only manage about 100 words after jumping in. But maybe I’ll give it another try someday. For now, stopping for the night after a solid (.) works just fine.