Day 101 – New chapter, fresh start

Day one hundred one of my 365 Day Writing Project

Words: 1,100

I love starting a new chapter. Even when it’s a direct continuation of the previous chapter, it still feels to me like a fresh start. When I begin a new chapter, I usually hit the ground running. I get a little excited. I get a little more motivated. I enjoy the feeling of anticipation of what the new chapter is going to turn into. The possibilities are open and the first pages of a new chapter set the tone. Naturally, I find writing those first pages to be a lot of fun.

A big part of my appreciation for starting a new chapter is the fact that it is a tangible reminder of progress. Another chapter down, another one started. This particular chapter puts me into the teens. I have envisioned that my book will be somewhere around twenty chapters. I am now on Chapter Thirteen. My book is no longer a baby or even a tween. It’s officially a teenager. Thankfully, it doesn’t talk back or roll its eyes at me. So, I think I’ll enjoy these teens just fine.