Day 92 – Listless and tired, I plug away

Day ninety-two of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 600

I’m recovering from an emotional couple of days. It has been interesting to see how the drain on my emotions has affected my writing. It hasn’t necessarily affected the quality, but it has affected my desire.

You see, writing is in many ways a release for me. It helps ease my stress and allows me to tend to my emotional well-being. I work in a profession that has very little room for personal emotion. I must be strong, intellectual and self-assured most of the time. It’s exhausting. Writing allows me to tap into my emotional self, to release and use those emotions that I have spent great effort to stifle. It has become a necessity for me to do this, because therapy isn’t enough to alleviate the buried graveyard of emotions this gal has.

Interestingly, because I have been dealing with some upsetting news the past couple of days, I have had no choice but to let my emotions loose. I haven’t been stifling and burying them. While I realize this is healthy for me, it has left me feeling listless. It’s as if I don’t have enough emotion left to put into my writing. Do I really believe that? No. I’m sure if I dug deep enough I could tap into what I need. After all, I am still writing. I think I’m just too emotionally drained and tired to dig deep.

Thankfully, I know this listless feeling won’t last, because time is healing.