Day 91 – Three month milestone

Day ninety-one of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 2,000 (For days 89, 90 and 91)

Yesterday was Day 90, when three months should have been celebrated. But I have been taking some time off on the weekends – not time off from writing, but time off from posting an entry on this blog – so celebrating yesterday was out of the question. I figured I would catch up and celebrate this milestone today.

Unfortunately, we received some horrible news about a good friend today. The last thing I feel like doing is celebrating. So I’ll just keep this short: I have been doing the 365 Day Writing Project for over 90 days. I have been writing regularly and learning more about writing than I ever imagined. What I am most proud of, however, is sticking to this challenge to write every day for all these months. And I’m still going.

3 thoughts on “Day 91 – Three month milestone

  1. You should be proud!!! You’ve already done what many have attempted and failed to pull off!

    And just remember, it’s okay if you have to step away for family or friend emergencies. Those things matter most in the long run.


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