Day 78 – Happily chugging along

Day seventy-eight of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 3,500 (Fri-Mon)

I haven’t had a blog post for a few days but I have still been writing. It was a busy holiday weekend with friends and family visiting from out of town, which made it more challenging to find time to write. I’m happy to say that I did. I took a break from posting on my blog because sometimes the time I spend here interferes with the time I want to spend writing my book. So it was a welcome break from the blog.

Here I am, back again. After 78 days, I am still happily chugging along writing my novel, enjoying the story as it develops. It has been interesting to make so much progress, because I think about what I have written so far and am able to recognize how much work I still have ahead of me. Not only writing the rest of the book, but also the work that will be necessary after the first draft is done. I know it is going to require a ton of time and effort to edit, re-write and shape what I have written into the novel I have been envisioning. And yet, I am prepared for it to turn into something different too.

I find the idea of what I must do to create an end product both terrifying and exciting. I do love a challenge. However, I will readily admit that I have never before undertaken a challenge born from my own blood, tears, ambitions and dreams. This is it. Because it is so, I am as invested in the process as I have ever been. I am deliberately mindful of, and therefore enjoying, each part of the process. Which is why I happily chug along even when I know the road ahead is sure to be rife with difficulty. I’m ready.

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