Day 72 – Sometimes the story works itself out

Day seventy-two of my 365 Day Writing Project

Words: 1,300

After feeling some anguish after yesterday’s writing experience, I am feeling quite good today. Yesterday, I had belabored the fact that I introduced a new character. The introduction of the character or the timing of it, both of which were unplanned, had the brutal effect of bringing my writing flow to a screeching halt. I struggled to write afterward. And it was no fun at all.

Today, yesterday’s problems were just that. Today was a fresh start in the middle of a chapter. The story flowed easily, and ironically, I spent some of it writing about the new character. It was as if his introduction turned out not only to be well-timed, but also managed to bring a new angle to the plot that drummed up a worthwhile scene. It just goes to show that sometimes, the story works itself out.

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