Day 68 – To read or to write, that is the question

Day sixty-eight of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 600

For my job, I read a lot. I mean, A LOT. And I write a lot too. I find it ironic that the two most important things to do to become a successful writer are to read and write as much as possible. It’s ironic because I don’t consider the reading and writing I do for my job to go hand-in-hand with my pursuit to be a professional writer. Since I am and want to be a writer of fiction, I need to read and write fiction as much as possible. Not contracts, legal memoranda, pleadings, motions and complex letters, among other things.

I enjoy reading fiction as much as I enjoy writing it. But I haven’t read any books since I started this project. I have no time to. I write late at night after I get the kids to bed. By the time I turn in, I’m too tired to open a book and I need to get some sleep before my alarm goes off early the next morning.

Currently, there is a book sitting on my nightstand that I would like to read. I swear it’s calling me. Read me. I read the first few pages but haven’t had a chance to read more. I really want to. So what should I do? Sacrifice some of my writing time to read? That may be the only way, but I hate to think of sacrificing my writing time. It is too important.

I need to find another way to get in some reading for fun. Writers, how do you manage to fit in time to both read and write?