Day 66 – Looking forward to a change in my writing routine

Day sixty-six of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 500

Today was another day of spinning my wheels. It definitely was not as bad as yesterday, but I still experienced a similar start-stop, start-stop, slow progression of the story. It was also somewhat eye-opening because I picked up where I had left off yesterday, but took the story in a direction I had not thought about until today. Cue another lesson in knowing when to take a break. Sometimes, the story will be better off for it. I am pleased with where it went. It just hasn’t been easy-flowing writing the past two days.

I may have some time to write during the day tomorrow and I’m thrilled at the notion. I’m hoping a change in routine will unlock the flow of my creative juices. To write during daylight and with a fresh mind sounds so appealing right now. It may not happen, but I am going to try like hell to pull it off. One thing is for sure: the timing couldn’t be better.

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