Day 63 – Why relax when you can write

Day sixty-three of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 750

Sunday seems like it ought to be the perfect writing day. Everything slows down, there are less obligations and the feeling of “I should be doing something else” is somewhat lightened. It is often the one day of the week when a person can really relax. Unfortunately, I’m a person who is on tilt most of the time. So when Sunday rolls around, I’m almost too ready to stop for a bit. That didn’t really happen for me today. It was a busy day bringing the kids to birthday parties, running errands, cleaning house, gardening and cooking. By the time I sat down to write tonight, I pretty much felt like lying down to watch paint dry.

I made myself write anyway. I just wanted to chill out and relax. It turned out, writing for a while was actually very relaxing for me.┬áNow that I’m done for the night, I’m glad I made myself write. I do, however, think I need another Sunday.