Day 59 – Keeping the faith when the odds are against you

Day fifty-nine of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 500

I have been doing quite a bit of reading around the WordPress community lately, checking out some pretty fabulous and interesting blogs by fellow writers. While I embrace the fact that I’m a newbie in this role of writer/blogger, I am amazed at how talented many of these writers are. They make me strive to do better.

The best thing about being part of an interesting community like this is that there is so much encouragement and inspiration to be shared. Seriously, you can’t beat it. Every single day I get a shot of adrenaline here. The worst part is that I am gravely aware of how much I lack compared to so many others. I’m not published (at least not on the scale I want to be). My blog is basic and needs a major makeover. I’m not networked enough. I’m lousy at marketing myself. And the most difficult: I don’t have enough time to put a decent amount of effort into any of those things.

I tell myself that it doesn’t matter; I should compare myself to no one. I should only be concerned with my own strides and accomplishments, that when mashed all together illustrate my journey to reach my dream of becoming a professional writer. I’m in the depths of this journey with millions of miles to go, but because of this blog and my 365 Day Writing Project, I’m realizing gains ten-fold compared to what I was doing a year ago. I am writing every day. And I have no intention of stopping until I realize my dream.

The odds are against me. Just like they are against so many of my fellow writers out there. But we must keep at it anyway. We must look beyond the odds to focus on our personal goals and what the future has in store for us. While I continue to work on doing that, I just want to say: Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for the inspiration. And thanks for making me strive to do better.

6 thoughts on “Day 59 – Keeping the faith when the odds are against you

  1. What about smart-ass friends who send snarky texts wanting you to call them, EVEN when they know you’re probably too busy to do so?! (Note: Hopefully, you took that as a, “He’s checking on me and hoping I can call,” and not the other way! lol)


    • Stan, you crack me up. I did wonder what the heck you were talking about when I got your text – figured you meant to send it to someone else. LOL. I was in full soccer-mom mode so I couldn’t text back. Hoping we can connect sometime soon to discuss my expert situation, but you guessed it – been much too busy to even think about it this week!


  2. Give yourself some credit – you are writing every day! I’ve been blogging for 3+ years and have not managed that. Keep at it, it’s like exercise and you’ll definitely build some muscle over time.


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