Day 50 – Small successes lead to big ones

Day fifty of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Words: 1,500

Day 50! Today I wrote 1,500 words. That’s more than I usually get done on a week day. Success. Looking back and realizing I have been doing this project for 50 consecutive days brings me great satisfaction and peace. Success. Finding time to write on a consistent, daily basis for 50 days has allowed me to prove to myself that I have the dedication, commitment and drive to do what I really want to do in life. Success. Knowing that I still have the desire to continue this project for the next 315 days is motivating me to work harder and set my sights higher. Success.

Last Friday I had given myself the challenge to write 5,000 words over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). I didn’t reach my goal, but I did write a good amount both days for a total of 2,300 words. I’m happy with that and consider it a successful effort because I wrote more than I would have by challenging myself. Plus, I’m motivated to write more this week and possibly give 5,000 words another try this coming weekend. After 50 days, I find myself striving to write more. Success.

My goal since starting this project is a simple one: to write every day. Therefore, each day that I write is a successful day. To some, that may seem nothing like success. Some writers might believe they aren’t successful until they are published. Others might believe success is not really reached until they are making big money from book sales. Undoubtedly, the smallest successes lead you to the largest. If writing every day will lead me to being published and making money from book sales someday, I surely will not discount the successes of each baby step to get there.