Day 44 – Writing through the urge to take a break

Day forty-four of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Time: 2 hours

Words: 1,000

It took me about twice as much time to write 1,000 words than it normally does for the simple fact that I was having a tough time getting into the flow, and an even tougher time staying awake. But I pushed through. I wanted to write at least 1,000 words today and I did. Almost exactly on the nose. 

I had to push myself because I just wanted to go to bed. Interestingly, the scene I was writing also needed to be pushed through. I hit a part where I couldn’t decide where the story was going, so I hesitated. Then I wrote a little only to delete what I had written and started the part over. I did this a few times. It was a blip, a hurdle, a poorly placed speed bump. Honestly, I almost quit at that point. I figured I could pick it up and try again tomorrow. But I wrote through it and the scene developed into something better than I expected. 

While sometimes it is best to take a break when a kink in the flow presents itself, sometimes it works better to just write through it. 

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