Day 42 – Let your daily life inspire you

Day forty-two of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Time: 1 1/2 hours

Words: 1,400

My progress from Day 40 and 41 was 400 and 600 words respectively. Today, I did much better, but to be fair, it was a very busy weekend with travel again. We won’t be doing any traveling for some time now, instead filling our weekends with the kids’ soccer games, birthday parties and fun fall events right here in Vermont. Finding time to write every day continues to be a challenge, but I’m learning that even on the craziest of days I can usually find a little time. Even if it is only for 15 minutes. No matter what our plans are, it’s never dull around here. While it can be exhausting and often feel too busy, life is always full of inspiration. 

Inspiration is a funny thing. I used to think I had to do great things to find inspiration; it had to be something special. As I get older, I recognize that inspiration can come from even the most mundane, normal experiences and be just as powerful as the extraordinary. The key is to allow yourself to be open to it. In my younger years I might have been wrong about where inspiration would find me, but I was always right about the simple fact that it would find me. Now I find inspiration in a ridiculous number of things in a day. These things are nothing special in the usual sense. They are daily experiences or typical things seen on a typical day. Upon allowing myself to be more open, I see that these things actually are special. 

Inspiration engenders a will to do something. It compels. In my case, it compels me to write. But one must be first open to being compelled before one will actually feel it. And art is an expression of one’s feelings. So don’t fight it. Don’t search for it. Don’t force it. Even if all you do in a day is go to the post office or the grocery store, inspiration will come. Let yourself be compelled. Just be open to it. It will find you and it will be special.

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