Day 37 – Changing character perspectives

Day thirty-seven of My 365 Day Writing Project

Time: 1 hour

Words: 1,250

After several chapters writing from the perspective of my main character, I have made a big change. I am now writing a chapter in which other layers of the story unfold as described from the perspectives of two key players in her life. Although unplanned, these changes in character perspectives are proving to be quite enjoyable to write. Even more surprising is how the scope of the story has significantly expanded from these developments. Oh, how I love the learning process of writing fiction! 

I took the story in this direction because while writing about some pretty intense things happening to “Skylar,” I couldn’t stop thinking about what these two men would be doing while she was missing. They would be trying to reach her, frantically, and would be worried and confused about perhaps their own involvement in things going wrong. They would both be compelled to take action to find her. First, separately, and then later, together. Operating on very little information in a very big city, they would have to go through many challenges to get answers, and hopefully, to find Skylar.

Of course, I have read many books with accounts from different perspectives. But writing it is an entirely different experience. I’m writing all three perspectives from the third-person point of view because I think it is easier for readers to follow. For this book, which has plenty of action and plot twists, the flow of the story is important. When I go back and read how this chapter flows I may switch back and forth between these three characters more often. Or, perhaps I’ll keep it to a minimum. Only the story will tell. For now, I’m relishing in the new creative channels that have opened because of these unplanned changes. 

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