Day 32 – When you just aren’t into it

Day thirty-two of My 365 Day Writing Project

Time: 50 min.

Words: 850

I didn’t feel like writing at all today. In fact, I really wanted to blow it off and go to bed early. I didn’t. I made myself stay up late and I wrote. Discipline. Always reminding myself: No days off

Sometimes I can’t stop thinking about the story I am writing. No matter what I am doing – taking a shower, eating lunch, busy at work, in the car singing with my kids – I want to work on the story. I want to keep it developing on paper, not just in my mind. I want to write. I can’t wait for the opportunity to sit down, uninterrupted, to work on it. I look forward to banging out my thoughts through the tapping keys of my laptop. I want to write. I can feel it in my bones. My imagination is bulging like a balloon with too much air in it, about to POP. My psyche is crowded and loud and hyperactive like a subway station, thoughts and words and ideas blowing in and out of tunnels like the trains. I want to write.

Today was just not one of those times. But I wrote anyway.