Day 31 – When the plot changes

Day thirty-one of My 365 Day writing project.

Time: One hour

Words: 1,000

When I first started to formulate ideas for this piece of fiction I am working on, I outlined the characters and the plot to the story. I thought I was awesome, getting all of my thoughts and ideas organized. What I wasn’t prepared for was how the stories within the plot often change as I am writing. Even the characters change. I’m still in the early stages of this particular story and it has changed so many times, my outline is now a worthless piece of garbage. 

You may be asking: Why does she let this happen if she is the one doing the writing? Well, you have a point. Yes, I’m in the driver’s seat here. I’m the one doing the writing. But I believe that writing a story from your own imagination is an organic process. It just sort of…happens. Obviously, there is some control involved. I prefer not to get carried away in a misguided need to control and contort the story into something that may not feel right. If something else feels better in the moment, I try to just go with it.

Most of the time when this happens, I love how the story changes. Other times, it bothers me. Today was one of those bothersome times. I had an idea about where the story was going and then, boom, it went in a totally unanticipated direction. All this did for me today was give me the start-and-stops. The start-and-stops can happen when I start to write and get a little down on the paper, only to stop. Now what? Rinse and repeat. I did this over and over in the matter of an hour. That is when I know I need to call it. Time to break and pick it up again tomorrow.