Day 25 – Unstuck and on a roll

Day twenty-five of My 365 Day Writing Project.

Time: 2.5 hours

Words: 2,300

After getting a bit stuck in the story yesterday, I picked up today where I left off with no problem. The story flowed naturally. Like a reader commented on Day 24, sometimes a break is the best thing. She is absolutely right. Yesterday, I was staggering and stumbling in the story when I decided to break for the night. It was the right choice. Today, I found my legs again and the story did too. One thing I know for certain: my creative process is most fruitful when it happens organically.

Here is a raw, unedited snippet I wrote today:

“Is everything all right, Ms. Battelle?” asked Lisa, looking concerned.

“I think so. I hope so,” replied Skylar, trying to appear calm. She put on her coat and grabbed her things. She was about to step out into the hallway when she saw Marisa standing by the reception desk. Skylar stopped in her tracks, waiting for an opportunity to slip out unnoticed. She could feel Lisa watching her, but she had no time to worry about appearances now. Finally, Marisa walked away and went into her office. Skylar said goodbye to Lisa one last time and scooted out to the elevator. The doors opened immediately and she got in, pressing the button several times to close the doors. C’mon, c’monnnn. The doors seemed to take forever to shut but as soon as they were closed tight, Skylar exhaled, trying to think of where to go. “Get lost somewhere. Somewhere no one would think to look for you.”

She quickly thought of something and hit the button for a few floors down. The elevator pinged and the doors opened, just in time for Skylar to see Mike Shanahan standing by a co-worker’s desk in the middle of a political rant. As soon as he saw her, he lit up and was about to greet her with a big welcome when he noted the expression on her face. Instead, he politely said to his co-worker, “Excuse me,” and walked straight toward her.

“Skylar. What is it?” he quietly asked, taking her by the elbow and ushering her to his desk.

“Mike, I think I’m in trouble,” she said in a scared whisper.