Day 23 – Efficiency is improving

Day twenty-three of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Time: just over 1 hour

Words: 1,300

After more than three weeks of daily writing, I have noticed improvement in my efficiency. This is partly due to my continuing effort to refrain from editing while writing. I often have to remind myself that I can always edit later because over-editing is a downfall of mine. I get obsessive-compulsive about it, which is why this project is so good for me. It forces me to write, really write, even when I don’t have much time. That means I can’t waste time on editing. Just get the raw content down now, edit later.

It seems to be working. Not only am I getting more words down in less time, but the substance and quality of my writing in the raw is also improving. What does that mean? Well, I think it means that editing too much can take away from the writing. Not only because the writing can get watered down or even disconnected, but also because trying to write and edit and re-write and edit mid-stream is counter-productive. It obstructs the flow. Focusing on one task at a time in the creative process produces a purer result.

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