Day 20 – A challenge is good

Day twenty of My 365 Day Writing Project.

Time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Words: 2,300

A little motivation goes a long way. Imposing a weekend writing challenge on myself has proven to be a worthwhile exercise so far. I still have another day to go but I found a good groove today and it felt great to push beyond my usual stopping point. What I didn’t do, however, was find time to write during daylight hours. Part of my goal this weekend was to write during the day instead of late at night. That didn’t pan out. But today’s writing was successful and I still have tomorrow.

In case you missed yesterday’s post, the challenge was to write 5,000 words this weekend. I’m about half-way there, so I’m in good shape to succeed. If I can do better than 5,000, I’ll be thrilled. Yes, I know 5,000 words isn’t that much. Baby steps, people. If all I had to do was sleep in, have some coffee and pancakes and then sit down at my leisure to write for hours uninterrupted, you can bet I would be setting the bar a hell of a lot higher. But that’s not my life. Not even close. Except for the coffee and pancakes part. You can bet that I’ll be doing THAT tomorrow.