Day 19 – Weekend writing challenge

Day nineteen of My 365 Day Writing Project.

Time: just under 1 hour

Words: 950

With a quiet Friday night, one might think I could jam for hours on my laptop. If it wasn’t for the exhausting week I just had, that might have been the case. Instead, I found the lack of noise in my house – just the sound of a fan whirring from my bedroom and the rain outside the window – to be soothing. Too soothing, like the hum of a car on the interstate. To no one’s surprise, I ended up falling asleep at the wheel. I didn’t type nonsensical sentences or muck up the story this time. I simply called it quits earlier than I had planned. And that is okay. It’s late. I still got in an hour (almost) and with the weekend ahead of me, I hope to do some writing during daylight hours.

Shall I set a goal for the weekend? Oh, let’s have some fun. Let’s see if I can get 5,000 words done by the end of Sunday. I’ll be home with the kids this weekend (my husband will be gone all day Saturday) with not-so-great weather in the forecast, so this could really go either way. I am in the middle of painting trim in my house, so that is also on the agenda the next two days. But I’m up for a writing challenge. It’s not huge. Nothing overwhelming, but still a challenge for someone with a full plate. Who is with me? Let’s see if any of you other writers can get 5,000 done this weekend too. I’ll post my progress at the end of the day tomorrow and then again on Sunday. Wish me luck!

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