Day 16 – Splitting time, splitting focus

Day sixteen of My 365 Day Writing Project

Time: roughly an hour and a half

Words: 1,000

Today was one of those days when my writing time was not devoted to just writing. I attempted to write a bit this morning when I was home with my kids. I got maybe 200 words down in 30 minutes. Dismal. There were too many interruptions and distractions. It just didn’t work. Tonight, I sat down to write some more. My husband was watching TV and I wanted to sit near him while I worked since we had not really seen each other all day. That was a bad choice. I got down about 800 words in over an hour. Again, there were too many distractions. It didn’t work well. I spent a lot more time on 1,000 words than I normally do, which is a testament to the importance of non-distracted, totally focused writing time.

Splitting my writing time into two different times today only caused me to split my focus. Although what I wrote ended up being decent in quality and substance (I hope), it was harder to get into the flow. I learned from today’s writing experience that I really need to try to devote one chunk of time per day. I also really need to isolate myself as much as possible to eliminate distractions and interruptions, which sometimes really isn’t possible. If I can do these things each day, I will be far more productive and will hopefully produce far better writing.

Some day I’ll revisit whether or not that ends up being true.