Day 15 – Two weeks down, lots of progress made

Day fifteen of My 365 Day Writing Project.

Time: 45 mins

Words: 850

With two weeks under my belt, I feel good about sticking with the project longer than…a few days. But then again, two weeks seems pretty short. I have fifty more to go. That’s a little tough to acknowledge. Even tougher is realizing that I have 350 more days to go. Like I said the first day, I’m not sure I can do this. I just have to remind myself that I’m doing it for no one else but me.

The only negative impact that will occur if I don’t make it through this project is that I will have short-changed myself and my goals. I will not have reached my goal to make writing every day a priority. And I will not have reached my goal to make the kind of progress on my book that I want to make. What is important for me to remember – two weeks or ten weeks or forty weeks in – is the positive impact I will experience from this project.

I’m not talking about the impact if I succeed in 365 days of writing. I’m talking about the positive impact if I fail. That’s right – if I fail, I may not have made writing every day a priority, but I will have made writing often a priority. If I fail, I may not have made the progress on my book that I set out to make, but I will have made great progress – a lot more progress than I would have made if not for this project.

I write for myself. I write these things here today to remind me later when I get discouraged: Trying and failing will bring me somewhere I would not have gone if I had not tried.

Two weeks down. Lots of progress made.