Day 14 – Commuter writing

Day fourteen of my 365 Day Writing Project

Time: 2 hours

Words: 2,200

Today, I traveled from NYC back to Vermont after spending a fabulous weekend there with my oldest daughter (8 yrs) and my good friend and her daughter. We had an amazing trip. It was my daughter’s first time in the City and she was clearly in love with all it had to offer. I have very little NYC experience so as much as I was enjoying everything myself, watching her wide-eyed, awe-struck demeanor for two and a half days straight was priceless. I’ll never forget how great it was.

Our days were full from the moment we got up to the moment we went to bed. This made it very difficult to find time to write. I managed to write very little on Day 12 and 13. To be exact, I wrote a handful of sentences barely worthy of an entire paragraph. Maybe seventy-five words each day. Really. Exhausted from our busy day in the City, I fell asleep both nights before I could even get into the swing of writing. But I feel like I made up for it today. I wrote during most of the train ride to Albany. It was the perfect time to write, especially since my mind was fresh and active from my City experiences of the previous two days. Not only did I jam out a nice chunk of writing, but I also found the commute passed by very quickly. Now I am home, enjoying the feel of a fun and exciting weekend with some good writing accomplished.

Win – win.