Day 9 – Lacking the flow

Day nine of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Time: 45 mins

Words: 630

Today was a little tough for me to get into my writing. I had a very productive day doing other things, including painting trim in my kitchen on my lunch break and then again after work this evening. By the time I cleaned up after dinner, painted some more, ran a load of laundry, cleaned the kids’ bathroom, picked up around the house, helped the oldest pack for our trip this weekend, got the kids to bed and painted some more, I finally sat down to write at 10:30. And I was spent. Tapped. I didn’t feel like writing at all, which I haven’t experienced since I started this project. It was the first time I really had to dig deep.

I told myself to just get 500 words out. I agree, this is a dismal goal. I am not proud of petering out on Day 9, but I know I’ll come back stronger if I can allow myself to shoot low once in a while. So I shot low. I managed 630 words. I say “managed” because I never got into the flow I usually experience while writing. I just wasn’t into it. My creative process was thwarted and I literally had to make myself get the words down. It was choppy, clumsy and bumbled, like an old beater breaking down on a bumpy road.

More than anything, it was disappointing. I don’t feel as accomplished or fulfilled as I have felt after writing the previous eight days. I guess I should expect days like this, especially since I have 356 more to go. I sure hope Day 10 is better.