Day 6 – Keeping consistent

Day Six of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Time: 45 mins

Words: 1,000

Today is Saturday and since the weather held out (those silly weather folks were calling for rain and thunderstorms all day) I spent a lot of the day outside. That means I did not spend much time on my computer, which was lovely. In fact, I didn’t even turn it on to write until about 11pm. It was a short stint since I started so late but I still managed around 1,000 words like the other days this week. Consistency is important. Especially when you are building a daily writing routine.

My mind seems to appreciate the consistency. I am feeling like I can more easily slip into writing mode and shut out distractions for these periods of time. Eventually, I hope to be able to do this for longer stretches of time without the struggles I have historically had in finding time to write. Short stints are okay. Every little bit is part of my training, and like any training regimen, you start small. It is like running a mile at a time until you get more in shape and can run two or three or five miles at a time. By the end of the 365 days, I hope to be in marathon training mode, crushing long distances every day. Tonight, I can go to bed knowing that I got a mile under my belt and that is an accomplishment.

A few people have reached out to me about this blog and have asked me what I am writing. I have been discussing only my writing process here and haven’t mentioned much about what I am actually working on. It is my natural inclination to keep that more to myself. I guess it feels private. But that notion strikes me now as a bit ridiculous, really, since I have chosen to make my process public. Although I started writing the story for myself, I do hope to have enough of a completed – and worthy – piece of work to publish someday. I guess I should get over it.

I will tell you that I am writing a work of fiction I hope will someday resemble a novel. I’m not ready to divulge what it is about because it is still taking shape. But at some point during this project, I will let you know more about it. I promise. Maybe a fun exercise would be for me to post some content each week, even if just a random paragraph or two. I have done this before if you want to check out some of my older posts before I started the 365 Day Writing Project. Look for the “Snippets.” They are part of the piece I am currently working on.

Anyway, I’ll think more about the idea of posting content and will come back to it. For now, it is time to sleep and dream about Sunday morning pancakes with my husband and kids. Happy weekend, everyone.

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