Day 5 – Why do Friday what you can put off until Monday

Day five of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Time: 1 hr+

Words: 1,000

I love Fridays. Not just because they signify the end of the week and beginning of the weekend, but also because on Fridays I can let some things go until next week. In my work, I have lots of deadlines to meet and I’m constantly dealing with other people’s problems. It can get exhausting trying to meet all of the expectations. The beauty of Friday is that I can take my time a little more than I can on the other days of the week. In fact, on Fridays I can reasonably put off working on some things until the following Monday.

I’m not going to lie. I kind of wanted to let my writing go today and put it off until Monday. I almost did. But then I remembered that I can write for as little as five minutes and still be able to pat myself on the back for succeeding for the day. So I did. I sat down with the idea that I would just write for five minutes. You know what happened? I ended up writing for over an hour. I didn’t put anything off, and I didn’t later feel guilty for having procrastinated. I did it. I planned to write the bare minimum and once I got into that first five minutes, I forgot my plans. I simply kept writing.

I feel good about getting an hour in today when I wanted to blow it off instead. More importantly, I discovered at this early stage in the project that if I can just get through the first five minutes, I can accomplish writing for 365 days.