Day 4 – The writing continues, but no routine

Day 4 of My 365 Day Writing Project

Time: 1 hr 15 min

Words: 1,350

I’m feeling good about the writing I’m doing, which at 1,000-2,000 words per day isn’t all that much. But for me, someone with a full-time job and a family, it is pretty damn good. Believe me, if I could quit my job and write for a living, spending my entire day in creative story-telling mode, I’d do it. In a heartbeat. But I’m neither delusional nor a romantic. I don’t envision myself sitting on a balcony over the canals, sipping cappuccino and listening to Bach concertos while I work on the manuscript of a future classic novel. I have bills to pay and a family to support. Most importantly, I have three little ones who need their mama. Writing doesn’t come first. But it is a priority for me, and I’m trying to ensure that it has a consistent place in my daily life.

The main goal for me is simple: to write. I intentionally have not set any parameters or saddled myself with any requirements for this project. To do so would invite immediate failure. No minimums, no set number of words or hours in a day. Just write. If that means 5 minutes and two sentences, I’ve succeeded in my goal. If that means eight hours or 8,000 words, I’m golden.

My ultimate hope is to make writing a part of my daily routine so I don’t have to think about it or “make” time. I’m just not sure how that is going to happen. So far when I make time to write it has been during inconsistent times of the day. Today, like yesterday, I stole a few minutes here and there. I had one stretch of about 40 minutes and the rest was sporadic, interrupted, short spans of time. I don’t especially care for this method. Luckily, I am finding that I am still productive and my creativity is not hindered too much. That’s surprising to me. But it makes me wonder how much I could accomplish if I had a couple of hours of uninterrupted writing time each day. It’s ambitious to think it is possible, knowing what an average day is like for me. But maybe…

I know that many writers use the early morning as their time for uninterrupted writing. This strikes me as a real go-getter method because I’m not exactly a morning person. Maybe I would be if the only thing I need to do when I wake is write. This means getting up very early before the kids. Difficult, but not impossible. Night can be a good time because I enjoy staying up late after everyone is nestled in their beds. Unfortunately, I sometimes find that I’m just too exhausted to stay up late. Like last night when I was falling asleep at my computer.

Expecting a daily routine at this early stage in my 365 Day Writing Project is not realistic. I know that. What I’m wondering is whether I’ll ever fall into a consistent routine, and if so, when and how is it going to happen when my daily life is already packed full?

I’m curious to know what other writers with day jobs and/or families do. When do you find the time to write? When do you feel the most fresh and productive? Do you designate the same time every day, or does it change day to day? How much time do you set aside for yourself? And lastly, is there hope for me to get into a consistent daily routine?

C’mon fellow writers…please tell me there is hope and do share any tips you may have. Thank you kindly.