Day 1 of My 365 Day Writing Project

Day one.

Time: 110 minutes

Words: approx. 1,000 plus a bunch of editing

The first day is supposed to be the easiest, right? Or maybe it’s the hardest. I’ll just say that it doesn’t matter. I DID IT. I woke up this morning without a plan of when or how long I was going to write today. All I knew was that I was going to write. And I did. I didn’t jam out thousands of words and I didn’t spend hours and hours, but I did write enough to feel pretty damn good about it. Yay, me!

I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, either. My day was busy from the moment I got up this morning and finding a time to write during the day was impossible. As the day wore on I knew my options were dwindling and it was looking like I wasn’t going to get time to myself to write until after the kids went to bed. Which is exactly what happened. With my husband on bedtime duty with our two year-old and me on duty with the eight and six year-olds, I didn’t get to sit down at my computer until 8:45pm. That didn’t seem too bad, actually. But I did get interrupted a few times (kids giggling in their rooms when they were supposed to be asleep, husband coming in to talk to me, a delectable honey/chocolate-dipped macaroon calling me from the kitchen, etc.)

Luckily, the time in-between these distractions was enough to allow me to get lost for a while. And that is the whole purpose. To get lost in the story I am writing. And I did.

I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.