My 365 Day Writing Project

To begin with, you need to write. This seems axiomatic because it is. The only way to amass a pile of words into a book is to shovel some every single day. No days off. You have to form this habit; without it you are screwed. I’m going to assume everyone who keeps reading already has this down. If you don’t — you won’t make it. My best advice on how to form this habit is twofold: Get comfortable staring at a blank screen and not writing. This is a skill. If you can not write and avoid filling that time with distractions, you’ll get to the point where you start writing. Open your manuscript and just be with it.

–  Hugh Howey

It is time for me to have some accountability. I am taking on a 365 day writing project for two distinct reasons: 1) my own happiness; and 2) to accomplish my life-goal of writing and publishing at least one novel.

One of my biggest downfalls as an aspiring writer is finding, or rather, making, time to write. And I’m not just talking about sitting down at my computer and getting words out. I mean pure, self-consumed, mind-blowing creative flow sticking to the page. I used to tell myself that inspiration will find me; it can’t be forced. Because sometimes it does find me, unabashedly. So I wait. And wait. Until something eventually strikes me – inspiration! – and I feel so compelled to write I just have to sit down and do it. Those moments are bliss. But they are too few and far between.

Passively driving this creative roller coaster gets me nowhere, and quite simply, makes me moody. I am a happier, lighter person after I have spilled my guts into words. Writing, for me, is essential for happiness. Which is why I decided to embark on this project.

I started studying how other successful writers have managed, manipulated and even forced their own creativity into a steady discipline. The common thread in many writers’ creative process is to write daily.  Hugh Howey is right. If I don’t form the habit of writing every day, I am screwed. I must make writing a part of my daily routine, as simple as taking time every day to brush my teeth, no matter what. No days off. Every. Single. Day.

I’ll be honest. I’m not sure I can do this. Regardless of my need to write, first I am a mother of three. I’m also a wife and a full-time working lawyer. My everyday life is demanding on many levels. But for my own happiness and the pursuit of fulfilling my goal, I have to try.

I will be blogging my journey for the next 365 days. I may not check in every day but when I do I will be sure to report whether I have continued to write every day and what that has done, or not done, for me. Hopefully I will have good things to report about my writing, and above all, my happiness because of it.