Snippet – No. 1

The cold wind stung her bare ankles as she cursed herself for not wearing boots. Each step of her heels struck the sidewalk with a solid clack. Cold concrete was unforgiving, but a blustery winter wind was even worse. The wind chill had kept the temperature cruelly hovering in the single digits. Even for New York City it was an especially cold December day. To Skylar Battelle it should have been nothing remarkable.

She bent her head down and grimaced under her scarf. Even her eyebrows hurt. Dodging patches of ice, she weaved through bundled pedestrians. Skylar took comfort in seeing people who appeared far more pained from the cold than she felt. It almost made up for her choice to walk to work in heels today. Almost. Spotting her office building a block away, she quickened her gait to reach the intersection. A mean blast of icy air tried to slow her, but she leaned into it and pressed on.

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