I love words. I especially love words when they are used correctly. Most of us are exposed to a daily massacre of the written word, whether it be a consequence of lazy use of social media, email or even worse, professional correspondence or documentation (for shame).  I work in the legal profession so I see it all.

The worst examples of grammar gaffes are found on social media. One of the most common is a butchering of they’re, their and there and you’re and your. When I see this kind of misuse, I cannot read the person’s post without fixating on THEIR (notice what I did THERE) incorrect usage of the word as if it is shouting at me. I find it excruciatingly distracting. And THEY’RE happily oblivious. Maybe I’m the only one who openly cringes. Maybe I’m the only one who finds it painful to “like” an otherwise entertaining post because of a grammar violation. I just cannot believe I’m the only one who notices.

On behalf of all of the silent observers of this rising epidemic, if YOU’RE an offender and YOU’RE old enough to drink a latte, use Google and check YOUR grammar. Please.

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